Luthi + Co. specializes in Intellectual Property litigation: patents, trademarks, copyright, passing off and trade secret litigation. We are especially renowned for our patent litigation practice. We also register trademarks and designs, and perform IP portfolio evaluation and due diligence.


Luthi+Co. has an unmatched reputation in the field of Intellectual Property litigation, both in civil actions before the Israeli Courts and in Opposition and Revocation proceedings before the Israeli Patent Office. The firm has been involved in most of the major IP litigation held in Israel over the past 30 years and its Clients include some of the world’s leading multinational pharmaceutical and high-tech companies, as well as local and foreign companies operating in more traditional technologies. The firm’s lawyers combine mastery of advocacy with the unique ability to present to the Courts in a comprehensible manner even the most complex technological issues.

International Litigation Management

Luthi+Co. is frequently retained to assist and advise multinational clients on patent litigation in multiple jurisdictions. As a result, the firm has extensive experience coordinating Clients’ efforts and strategies in transnational IP disputes so as to meet local needs in each territory. To this end, the firm has been involved in litigation management in the US, the European Patent Office (as well as various European countries, e.g. UK, Germany and Sweden), Australia, Brazil and Mexico.

Validity & Infrigement Assessment

By providing a forensic analysis of the validity of a patent – or a patent portfolio – and the scope of the protection it affords, Luthi+Co. helps its Clients achieve their strategic objectives and understand the risks or opportunities involved in new product development or litigation. The same applies to other IP rights, such as trademarks and designs.

Protection & Enforcement Strategy

Luthi+Co. works with our Clients to enforce their IP rights against counterfeiters and pirates. We help our Clients tailor an enforcement plan that protects their IP rights, secures their revenues and deters the pirates. The firm also has extensive experience in coordinating investigation and enforcement actions with government agencies, such as the police and customs, so that the full weight of the criminal and civil law can be brought to bear, right down the supply chain.

Licensing & Joint Ventures

Luthi+Co. offers practical advice on designing and implementing strategies for leveraging IP assets, such as licensing agreements, joint ventures and franchising. Our experience in litigation helps Clients avoid pitfalls, and our focus is on constructing secure, advantageous, commercially workable arrangements that will meet the Client’s needs and stand the test of time.

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

Luthi+Co. has experience and expertise in Regulatory Affairs and can offer its clients practical advice on how to comply with the regulatory requirements for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Moreover, with valuable rights such as “Data Exclusivity” and “Patent Term Extensions” on offer, IP rights have become inextricably bound up with the regulatory process for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, so this dual expertise allows the firm to offer clients a comprehensive overview of the IP options available. The firm has also been involved in representing its Clients before the Israeli government and the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) in relation to legislative proceedings concerning both Regulatory and IP matters.

Due Diligence Enquiries & IPR Portfolio Evaluation

For investments, acquisitions or mergers, an independent, critical evaluation of an IP portfolio may be vital to understand what is at stake. Luthi+Co. is focused on the Client’s needs and offers practical means to identify key areas of concern. Where IP is a valuable asset, Luthi+Co. will investigate and verify the transaction.

Trade Mark & Design Registration

The registration of trade marks and designs is a critical means of protecting a company’s brands and the “look and feel” of its products. Luthi+Co. prepares, files and prosecutes trade mark and design applications, and offers its clients an efficient, economical service in this area.

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